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The Future-Proof Leader
In Pursuit of Perpetual Relevance

I help business leaders and their companies remain perpetually relevant in today’s ever-changing environment that increasingly favors technology over people. With over 20 years of experience in the global corporate environment, I provide education, coaching and consulting programs to help build future-proof leaders.


As a business leader, you know that the world works is changing at a faster pace than ever. But do you understand the full potential impact on your own business? Fooling yourself into thinking that your organization is immune from the massive changes impacting the global workforce at regional and local levels could threaten your company’s success. Future-Proof Leaders (FPLs) are obsessed with anticipating how the ever-changing global business environments will impact their business - they are in pursuit of perpetual relevance and will outperform their competitors on every occasion. In his book Industries of the Future (2017), Alec Ross provides a few startling statistics:

  • Percentage of US jobs possibly at risk of computerization over the next 20 years: 53%
  • Percentage of American jobs at high risk of robot takeover: 47%
  • Percentage of US jobs facing medium level of risk of computerization: 19%

I’m not a futurist. I don’t predict trends. I use my knowledge in advanced technological developments to help leaders and their workforce thrive in a global environment that increasingly favors technology over people.

What I Do


I’ll help your organization thrive in a technologically advanced world by optimizing your efforts in key areas, including change management, virtual / global team collaboration, and strategic communications.

Change Management

Successfully managing internal change initiatives needs to move to the top of every leader’s priority list. Not as an afterthought delegated to other team members, but as an integral component of overall business strategy. 

Change initiatives include implementing new technologies that will be used by many employees, implementing new technologies that will reassign or downsize employees, or introducing new leaders, processes or ways of working that are new or unfamiliar to many. 

I’m an experienced, Prosci-certified change management professional, having successfully led large change management teams for global-scale implementation projects. I will help lead your organization through one or more significant change initiatives. 

Virtual & Global Teams

Managing virtual teams requires a different skillset than managing teams that meet regularly in person. A high performing team lead who is successful with co-located teams may flounder in a viritual environment. And if the team is global, it’s even more complex. 

Let your organization benefit from my own personal experience managing global and virtual teams. With a complete set of tools, processes and methods to lead high-performing virtual teams, your business will retain high efficiency and streamlined communications. 

With a masters degree in Global Workforce Collaboration, having lived and worked all around the world, and having successfully managed global virtual teams throughout my career, I’m an ideal partner to raise your virtual team performance.  

Strategic Communications

Is your communication strategy comprehensive, use a wide variety of channels, and resonate with the range of generations and cultures represented in your workforce? Does it make your employees feel included and valued? Does it share with your various stakeholder groups the long-term strategic vision and tell the story of where you’re going?  

 If you can’t answer yes to all of those questions, or if you don’t know the answer to some of them, then your long-term viability is at risk. A decade ago, that wouldn’t have been the case. But the current workforce, and most certainly the one of future, is changing so quickly that a solid communication strategy is the heart of the organization. It builds cohesion and a common vision for a highly diverse group of employees. 

Building strong communications is at the core of all of my previous and present work. My experience can save you time and energy in your organization’s communication strategies and initiatives. 


Coaching is one of the fastest and most effective ways of ensuring that executives hone the best behaviors to lead their organizations. As an ICF-certified coach, I’ve helped many leaders and their teams optimize their leadership skills. Coaching will become even more valuable as companies are faced with increasing rates and scopes of change due to emerging technologies and a diverse workforce. 

Individual Coaching

One-on-one coaching is ideal for addressing specific behaviors, skills or situations that are preventing individuals from reaching their highest potential. Coaching sessions are confidential, structured, and focused on improving specific targeted areas.  

Group Coaching

Group coaching is an integral part of building resilient and confident teams that can endure times of intense change. It’s fundamentally different from one-on-one coaching in that it addresses topics that apply to the wider group instead of specific individuals. It’s a highly effective way of creating shared vision, alignment, transparency and trust. 


I’ll help your organization thrive in a technologically advanced global environment by optimizing your efforts in key areas, including change management, virtual / global team collaboration, and strategic communications.

Emotional Intelligence - EQ-i 2.0 & 360

It’s widely agreed that well-developed soft skills are growing in importance as leaders will need to deal with increasing levels of organizational change as time goes by. Research has shown that leaders with high emotional intelligence are more successful than those without, so focusing on improving in this area is more important than ever. The EQ-i 2.0 assessment is considered the gold standard for emotional intelligence. As a certified EQ-i 2.0 and 360 practitioner, we will use the assessment to determine your current strengths and weaknesses in emotional intelligence, and work together to improve it in the areas most relevant to you. The 360 assessment will allow us to do the same for team. 

Hogan Leadership Assessment

Specifically created to assess the core abilities of senior level executives, the Hogan Assessment is truly an ideal way of measuring and then closing the gaps in leadership skills. This is a comprehensive, in-depth assessment that will help take you from a B+ to an A+ as you prepare your organization for the times ahead. 

Others - MBTI, DiSC, Etc...

There are countless other assessments on the market. Many of them are very good, and I will continue to add some to my own toolkit. In the meantime, I have a network of peers who conduct other assessments that may compliment the ones I already have access to. 

Speaking & Education

Keeping your leaders and full workforce educated on current trends will take on greater importance as the rate of advances picks up and it becomes increasingly difficult to keep up and understand all of the changes. 


Whether it’s a lunch-and-learn in your office or a presentation at a corporate conference, I’d love to help educate your workforce on the upcoming changes in advanced technologies, how they may impact your organization, and what skills they will need to develop in order to remain perpetually relevant. Reach out to discuss how we can make that happen. 

Continued Knowledge Transfer

It’s impossible to keep track of all of the ways the world of work is changing. From technological advances to the way people are preferring to work to differences in generations and cultures…You don’t need to know everything, but you do need to remain highly vigilient about changes that matter to your specific organization. I will help you remain up-to-date in relevant areas by preparing and then presenting to you and your team key briefings and resources that will keep you in the know - in ways that matter most to you. 


- Alex Ross - Industries of the Future

How Future-Proof Leaders Are Made


I help Future-Proof Leaders leverage the three spheres that will ensure they remain competitive in the new economy…

Inner World

FPLs understand their innate management style, and leverage it to be excellent leaders. They’re acutely self-aware, and use their mental and emotional strengths to communicate effectively in any given situation. 

Surrounding World

The foundation of successful strategies is highly competent teams. Future-Proof Leaders are masters at managing their executive teams onsite, virtually, and globally. They’re also fully committed to keeping their employees engaged through coaching, rewards, and development programs.  

External World

The FPL’s near-obsession with understanding the current and predicted trends impacting their business is what ensures their long-term viability. It’s also what makes them future-proof, with significant advantage over competing firms. The FPL ensures that trends are anticipated and used to their competitive advantage. 

I help leaders understand how global trends such as these impact their business so they remain perpetually relevant:

Artificial Intelligence

Workforce Automation

Contingent Workforce

Cultural Influence

Generational Differences

And More...

A Brief Introduction

For the past ten years, I’ve been working with coaching and consulting clients on leadership development. My focus has been on effective communications, emotional intelligence, and change management / virtual collaboration initiatives. In the background, I was spending all of my free time devouring books and research on the impact of emerging technologies and general workforce trends. Armed with a brain full of knowledge and the practical tools to help make it relevant to individuals and organizations, I am now applying my passion to my client work. 

I partner with forward-thinking leaders with a drive to remain perpetually relevant in the new global workforce. I’m a positive, driven and tireless professional with a passion to help my clients thrive for decades to come. Are you next?


Happy Clients.

Marina’s direct yet warm communication style immediately resonated with me at the outset of our coaching work together. The effectiveness of her structured executive coaching program allowed me to explore my past professional narratives and courageously re-imagine how a new leadership career path can, and should, evolve. Her skilled questioning enabled me to re-envision my passions and experiment with the framing of my self-imposed limitations in a way that has liberated my thinking as an individual and as an organizational leader. Marina’s refined coaching skills have had an immeasurable and positive impact on the way I now approach complex decisions and leadership choices.

Brian C. Jones

Managing Director3-C Labs, Inc.

Marina is passionate about, and highly effective at, helping people navigate the complexities of their leadership journey – especially through her unique and informed perspectives on intercultural and inter-generational connections. Whether you are looking to navigate these complex unique business and leadership perspective, or simply need an experienced consultant, business executive, and focused partner to help you take your personal and professional skills to the next level, I highly recommend you reaching and exploring your goals with her. Marina’s thoughtful perspectives, questions, probes, challenges, support, and accountability strategies have helped me make significant positive changes that I can see and measure.

Bruce H. Jackson

Executive DirectorInstitute of Applied Human Excellence

Marina’s skillful coaching helped me define my core leadership strengths and longer-term vision. She empowered me to look at my professional challenges through a variety of lenses, ultimately guiding me to very meaningful insights and solutions. Marina helped me understand myself more accurately, gain clarity on how to best play to my professional strengths, and design a long-term roadmap. Marina’s purposeful questioning and gentle prodding helped lead me to solid decisions. I am a better leader today because of her coaching.

Wendi Shelton

Former Director of Special ProjectsFortune 500 Company

Coaching with Marina has facilitated my professional growth with timely insights that have helped me build a stronger foundation for my career moving forward. Marina’s coaching strengths include a strong client-centered focus and wonderful empathetic listening skills. Marina excels at clarifying goals, shining light on and addressing any fears that may be impeding progress, and laying the groundwork for actively moving forward more confidently. Anyone seeking to grow their emotional intelligence and interpersonal communications skills, should definitely take the opportunity to work with Marina!

Elaine Jacques

Executive Director, Former Director of Speech Pathology

Marina von Bergen was instrumental in leading my organization through a critical change management initiative. She made implementing the Prosci ADKAR change model look easy, and successfully took my team through a prickly internal systems change process. Honestly, I’m not sure how well the change effort would have gone without her expertise. And I’m glad I didn’t have to find out!

Matthew J. Holicek

President, Create Media, Inc.