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Fearless Resilience

For Future-Proof Leaders and Organizations


Buckle Up.

It’s no secret that 2020, 2021 and now 2022 have been possibly the most challenging years that many of us have ever faced. In the best case, these very challenging times have compelled you to examine your business longevity for long-term sustainability. In the worst case, your business may have folded, having a significant impact on you and those you love the most. Many leaders have realized to what extent only the most resilient and forward-thinking organizations will be relevant in the short to medium term, and even have a shot at the long term.

If that’s true for you, then you’re in the right place. Read on.

Who We Serve

We help leaders become more future-proof in both their professional and personal spheres. We work primarily with small to medium sized firms because we thrive on working in environments in which we can have the biggest impact in the shortest amount of time. We also apply our extensive experience by working with clients across most industries and global regions.

Future-Proof Leader in

Your Business

Between the invasion of workforce automation, AI, and now global pandemics that change the way we work, the world is changing faster than ever. It will become increasingly challenging to keep your business ahead of the pack. If you’re not consistently re-evaluating and re-imagining your business so it can be more resilient than any of your competitors, it’s at pretty high risk of becoming redundant. We’ll help make sure that doesn’t happen.

Future-Proof Leader in

Your Life

You’re not a robot. You don’t turn off one side of your brain to go to work and then turn it back on when you leave.  You’re a complex being with a wide range of thoughts and emotions every hour of every day. And that’s how we interact with all of our clients, and work with them. We’ll work with you as a complete individual, on both personal and professional levels. We bring our whole selves to our work, and hope that you do too. 

How We Serve

Our services are grouped into three categories. Consulting services and assessments are geared towards business activities, while the coaching addresses both personal and professional levels.


Our consulting services target the key areas that bolster organizational resilience, including change management, virtual / global team collaboration, and strategic communications.

Change Management

Successfully managing internal change initiatives needs to move to the top of every leader’s priority list. Not as an afterthought delegated to other team members, but as an integral component of overall business strategy. 

Change initiatives include implementing new technologies that will be used by many employees, implementing new technologies that will reassign or downsize employees, or introducing new leaders, processes or ways of working that are new or unfamiliar to many. 

I’m an experienced, Prosci-certified change management professional, having successfully led large change management teams for global-scale implementation projects. I will help lead your organization through one or more significant change initiatives. 

Virtual & Global Teams

Managing virtual teams requires a different skillset than managing teams that meet regularly in person. A high performing team lead who is successful with co-located teams may flounder in a viritual environment. And if the team is global, it’s even more complex. 

Let your organization benefit from my own personal experience managing global and virtual teams. With a complete set of tools, processes and methods to lead high-performing virtual teams, your business will retain high efficiency and streamlined communications. 

With a masters degree in Global Workforce Collaboration, having lived and worked all around the world, and having successfully managed global virtual teams throughout my career, I’m an ideal partner to raise your virtual team performance.  

Strategic Communications

Is your communication strategy comprehensive, use a wide variety of channels, and resonate with the range of generations and cultures represented in your workforce? Does it make your employees feel included and valued? Does it share with your various stakeholder groups the long-term strategic vision and tell the story of where you’re going?  

 If you can’t answer yes to all of those questions, or if you don’t know the answer to some of them, then your long-term viability is at risk. A decade ago, that wouldn’t have been the case. But the current workforce, and most certainly the one of future, is changing so quickly that a solid communication strategy is the heart of the organization. It builds cohesion and a common vision for a highly diverse group of employees. 

Building strong communications is at the core of all of my previous and present work. My experience can save you time and energy in your organization’s communication strategies and initiatives. 


We coach the complete individual, not just the personal or business sides. We’ve seen amazing results with this approach. As ICF-certified coaches, we’ve been proud to assist many leaders and their teams build impressive resilience. The coaching plan and focus is customized for each person, putting the big rocks in first that need the most attention.

Individual Coaching

One-on-one coaching is ideal for addressing specific behaviors, skills or situations that are preventing individuals from reaching their highest potential. Coaching sessions are confidential, structured, and focused on improving specific targeted areas.  

Group Coaching

Group coaching is an integral part of building resilient and confident teams that can endure times of intense change. It’s fundamentally different from one-on-one coaching in that it addresses topics that apply to the wider group instead of specific individuals. It’s a highly effective way of creating shared vision, alignment, transparency and trust. 


Assessments are an effective way of measuring strengths and weaknesses in certain areas, or to simply learn more about an individual’s leadership style. Our team is qualified to adminster and coach on a wide range of the most sought-after assessments.

Emotional Intelligence - EQ-i 2.0 & 360

It’s widely agreed that well-developed soft skills are growing in importance as leaders will need to deal with increasing levels of organizational change as time goes by. Research has shown that leaders with high emotional intelligence are more successful than those without, so focusing on improving in this area is more important than ever. The EQ-i 2.0 assessment is considered the gold standard for emotional intelligence. As a certified EQ-i 2.0 and 360 practitioner, we will use the assessment to determine your current strengths and weaknesses in emotional intelligence, and work together to improve it in the areas most relevant to you. The 360 assessment will allow us to do the same for team. 

Hogan Leadership Assessment

Specifically created to assess the core abilities of senior level executives, the Hogan Assessment is truly an ideal way of measuring and then closing the gaps in leadership skills. This is a comprehensive, in-depth assessment that will help take you from a B+ to an A+ as you prepare your organization for the times ahead. 

Others - MBTI, DiSC, Etc...

There are countless other assessments on the market. Many of them are very good, and I will continue to add some to my own toolkit. In the meantime, I have a network of peers who conduct other assessments that may compliment the ones I already have access to. 

Qualified & Credentialed

We have decades of combined experience in global and small boutique consulting firms, helping clients in many strategic capacities. And then there is coaching. Have you noticed how many coaches there are today? Anyone with an interest in personal development (or anything else, for that matter) can create webinar and free worksheet, help someone for an hour, then call themselves a coach.

With a marketplace saturated with coaches, how do you know who will be qualified to take you on the transformative journey that you deserve? While certifications and credentials don’t guarantee that a coach will be effective, but they certainly do establish standards and benchmarks.

Marina has many industry-leading certifications. Three of the most relevant for both coaching and consulting include Prosci Change Management, EQ-i 2.0 & 360, and ICF ACC. Our qualifications and experience speak for themselves - visit the Team page to learn more.

On a Personal Note

We treat our clients as the complete, holistic individuals that they are. When we help build their business resilience, we also focus on building their personal resilience. When we work on their business’ long-term goals, we also work on their personal long-term goals. And since so many of our clients are in their 40’s and 50’s like we are, we understand what they’re going through, because we’re going through a lot of the same things.

The “Ah-Ha” Moment

You suddenly realize that you’re one of the older people in meetings and groups, even though you feel like you’re back in your thirties! How did that happen?!?

Your Health

You understand the physical aging process intellectually, but the difference between the way you look and feel can be disheartening when you look in the mirror! How did that happen?!?

Career Opportunities

Getting a new job in your 20’s and 30’s was easy breezy. Now in your 40’s and 50’s, you’re not getting a third of the number of interviews, and not even a fraction of the offers as you did then. Is ageism real? 

“Now What?”

Child rearing and climbing the corporate ladder are just two ways we find meaning in our 20’s and 30’s. With kids leaving or out of the house and you being successful in your career, what’s next? 

“It’s Too Late”

Planned on saving the world when you were a kid? Many childhood ideals turned into daily routines to pay the bills. It’s easy to give up and pursue no dreams at all when we feel like “it’s too late.”



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